Euro Consult is assigned as a consultant to several international companies related to construction, supply of equipments and materials, industrial machinery, safety and security, renewable energy, environmental projects, petrochemicals, financing of viable industrial projects and real estate development through international organizations and venture capital companies.

Euro Consult has specialized experts that are complimented by an experienced management, technical, and financial consultancy team with more than 60 years of commercial experience in the Middle East within their respective sectors of activity. Euro Consult structured investment solutions and projects help investors achieve higher investment returns for their shareholders.

  • Assisting in project development& related financing
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Negotiations
  • Consultancy
  • Mergers & acquisition
  • Advising on the acquisition strategy and criteria
  • Identifying target companies
  • Evaluating target companies
  • Structuring transactions
  • Valuation and price assessment of said targets
  • Negotiation between the parties
  • Resolve any international and regional tax issues
  • Formalizing the deal and providing due diligence
  • Consummating the transaction
  • Advising on post transaction matters
  • Due Diligence- financial, technical, & legal