Tendering & Trading

Tendering & Trading Solutions for “just in time” delivery into the Regional Real Estate Market & Government Tenders

Euro Consult’s general trading advisory has a strategic General Trading to develop quick solutions in the importation/exportation of materials for their projects and for clients’ projects. Predominately the main area of trading focus is in the construction sectors and government infrastructure areas and follows the given set of criteria

Nowait Transit- High Speed Rail
  • Sector diversification across various sectors including.
  • Traffic materials , highway safety products, parking meters automated parking systems, traffic management, rail road systems and studies.
  • Construction materials and equipments, medical materials and equipments, energy related materials and equipments,.
  • Electrical and electromechanical materials, sanitary material and equipments, flooring materials, tiles, kitchen cabinets, kitchen equipments..
  • Importing of materials from various geographical zones..
  • Exporting of materials to various geographical zones with some focus on other GCC markets.
  • Geographical diversification across the MEAA region..
  • Establish joint venture & partnership with a recognised international partner to bid, develop and manage projects throughout the Middle East..
  • Opportunity lies in the undersupplied sectors throughout the GCC..